Corner Stamped Millet

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Beautiful corner with an animated front in violet wood veneer.
Large black lacquer panel with characters in landscapes and pagodas.
Rich ormolu ornamentation finely chiselled: lacquer panel framing, scraps, fillets and clogs.
Arched legs, top of Breche d'Alep marble with Corbin beak.
Stamped MILLET.
Louis XV style, 19th century period.
Height 101 cm, width 74, depth 52.
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The House MILLET, created by Blaise MILLET in 1857, 11 rue Jacques-Coeur in Paris in 1902, then at 23 Boulevard Beaumarchais.
Furniture shop specialized in Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, but also in modern style furniture very fashionable at the time.
With an excellent reputation, the company developed largely under the direction of Blaise's son, Theodore in the 1890s.
The House was described as a producer of "furniture and bronzes of art, old and modern". Rewarded at the Universal Exhibitions in London and Paris; gold medal in 1889, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, a "Grand Prix" in 1900 and three other Honorary Diplomas as well as four gold medals for the furniture presented.
An auction was held in 1906 to disperse the remaining furniture of the Maison MILLET, which finally ceased all activity in 1918.
The Maison MILLET was a privileged supplier of François LINKE, and of all the great families of the time.

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