Sauteuse chest of drawers Napoleon III period

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antiquity description

Beautiful Regency style jumper chest of drawers in veneer wood with geometric decoration.
It opens with two drawers: one curved (top), the other rounded (bottom).
Rear stall posts.
Rich ornamentation of gilded bronzes.
On the drawers : lock entries with sphinxes decorations, tilting drawer handles, olives and spandrels.
On the low crossbar, apron and rod.
On the uprights: women's masks topped with plumes, rinceaux and fire pots.
On the sides: a leafy spiral is framed with spandrels and olives.
The four legs with closed hoof roll-up.
Oak frame.
Bronzes screwed, high quality chasing.
White and grey breccia marble top.
Similar to the royal commodes of the Regency period (Cressent, Gaudreau, Doirat).
Work of a large Parisian house from the end of the 19th century.
Height 92 cm, width 140, depth 59.

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